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We transfer from VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, Hi-8 video, Digital-8 Video, Mini-DV, Mini-DVD, SD cards and Betamax to DVD or to MP4 file format. Each tape transferred to DVD is a single chapter and has a separate chapter title that appears in the menu.

It is possible to put more than two hours onto a DVD, but the quality will suffer and the price will not be any less than utilizing more than one DVD to maximize quality.

For transfers to MP4 a blank hard drive or USB drive must be supplied by the customer or purchased in-store. Estimate about 1 GB of storage is needed for each hour of video.

Given that we do all the work on-site, we have a quick turnaround and can return your precious memories back to you in short order.

Please inquire with us for pricing.  We also offer a quantity discount for large orders as well as multiple-copies.

Our Services Include:
VHS • VHS-C • S-VHS • VHS-C • 8mm Cassettes • Digital 8 • Hi8 •BETA-MAX • MiniDV • Digital Video(DV) • DVD • VCD