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HEH?  What Is Foreign Video Conversion?
(also referred to as Digital Standards Conversion or PAL/NTSC Conversion)

The rest of the world uses TV standards (PAL & SECAM) that are different and incompatible with the North American (& Japanese) TV standard (NTSC). As a result, foreign video recordings cannot be played on North American video machines, or even displayed on Canadian standard TV sets.

As part of our video transfer services at Foreign Electronics, we can also digitally convert your foreign video’s to to our North American NTSC Standard. Your original cassettes will be returned to you along with the converted copy.

While we can product a North American video cassette, we do recommend to convert to Digital (DVD or USB file) as videotapes are only temporary.  Even if they are stored in the best environments, videotapes starts to fade in just a few short years.

We transfer from VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm video, Hi-8 video, Digital-8 Video, Mini-DV, Mini-DVD, SD cards and Betamax to DVD or to MP4 file format. Each tape transferred to DVD is a single chapter and has a separate chapter title that appears in the menu.

It is possible to put more than two hours onto a DVD, but the quality will suffer and the price will not be any less than utilizing more than one DVD to maximize quality.

For transfers to MP4 a blank hard drive or USB drive must be supplied by the customer or purchased in-store. Estimate about 1 GB of storage is needed for each hour of video.

Given that we do all the work on-site, we have a quick turnaround and can return your precious memories back to you in short order.

Please inquire with us for pricing.  We also offer a quantity discount for large orders as well as multiple-copies.

Our Services Include:
PAL / SECAM / NTSC • VHS • VHS-C • S-VHS • VHS-C • 8mm Cassettes • Digital 8 • Hi8 •BETA-MAX • MiniDV • Digital Video(DV) • DVD • VCD